About Us

Nahar Pharmaceuticals is engaged in manufacturing Herbal Formulations & Ayurvedic medicines proficiently since 31 years. We came into existence with a mission to serve community at large with our high quality ayurvedic herbs & medicines. Day by day Doctors, Local Practisioners, Vaidyas, Hospitals and Ayurvedic Health trusts are using our medicines with atmost satisfaction. Nahar Pharmaceuticals Deals in Quality assurance and so it is facilitated with G.M.P Certificate & ISO 9001-2008 by. BENCHMARK (AUSTRALIA). We have wide range of 500 Shashtrokt products and 50 patent products well formulated, lab tested and marketed through out the globe. We have a modern manufacturing plant with latest quality control equipments and R & D department located at Maroli outskirts. We appreciate your co-operation and trust that you shown in Nahar Pharmaceuticals and we will maintain our worthiness for you.
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